Wednesday, 11 July 2012

it's been a while

Well it's been over a year since i last posted and if anyone still looks at my blog i apologise!
Time seems to get away with me but i have been up to a few thing and have some photos to share.
i have changed the name of my blog from cupcake cards as i don't seem to do them as much, but i have been making boxes and such like.

here are a few projects to show you:

The bookends were a project at my last work shop we started off with a small pile of wood and this is what we ended up with! each piece of wood is covered with a different type of patterned paper, then sanded and distressed,

in the first photo i have also covered the the bookends them self in pages from an old dictionary.

hope you like what I've done i will be back soon with some more projects.


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