Saturday, 28 February 2009

March Blog Candy

Please dont forget to pop over to Marias blog for a extra special bolg candy this month

she has a candy to make you go WOW!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009


The other day i was awarded 2 awards by Lynne another party craft demonstrator but most of all i would consider her a very good Friend we met through Parti Craft but have become great Friends.

So to the Awards:

The 'Measure Up' award decrees:- 'Say one nice thing to the man in your life'

Well that's easy Barry you are the greatest thing in my life other than our 2 beautiful boys and i will love you always.

and to List at least 6 ways you measure your success in your life. now this is the hard bit!!!

1. Having the most amazing partner
2. Having 2 extremely beautiful and happy son's
3. our lovely home
4. My Joy and love of Crafting
5. A great Family and Friends
6. Hopes and dreams for the future.

That's all at the moment i have 1st Birthday party to prepare for.

Keep Crafting

Lol Lynsay

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Well it's been such a busy weekend for valentines day i was bridesmaid for my cousin so was away for the weekend and then i had a card order for a Friend at work i will show you the card shortly.

And this week is the school holidays had the week off but not much time for crafting with 2 little monsters at home all day and then to top it all off it is My son Georges 1st Birthday so, so much to do but only 24 hours in a day.

Every one seem to want photo's on their cards at the moment this is a wedding anniversary card with a photo of the church were they got married 40 years ago. he was very please with it.

I am just hoping to be able to get some crafting done this weekend after the 1st birthday party!!!

I'll be back soon keep Crafting

lol Lynsay

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Yipee i made some cards

Well this week started with a nice dusting of snow and we had a snow day no school for miles and no work for me and as for George he is too small to know any better but he did like the snow!!!
so we built snow man. " i would show you a photo but can't seem to upload it".
so onto the crafting although i only got 1 day off work and i had the boys i got a small amount of card making done. but also done some Internet shopping and ordered 2 new stamps from
Whiff of Joy Stamps. i have brought a few stamps from them now i first looked at their stamps when visiting another Parti Craft Demonstrators blog Maria. she has a link so then i was hooked, so when i was visiting Maria's blog this week she had posted a new card and she had used a stamp call Lizzie with Muff from Whiff of Joy Stamps and that's the one i had ordered on my snow day so was looking forward to getting my in the post but the post was delayed due to snow!! but i did receive them yesterday when i say them i also ordered Henry Celebrating Mouse. so here are what i have done so far.

see the problem i have is that at the moment my craft room is too cold so i have moved a lot of my craft stuff into the living room!! so after i made the 2 cards above i need to make more so with a stamp i brought from Funky kits.

And sorry this post is so long but i have had fun making cards for the last 2 days so i thought i would share some with you,

so keep crafting and see you soon

Lynsay xxx