Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Awards,Awards, Awards!!!!!

OK So how lucky am i not only did i get 2 awards for mt blog witch in it's self if fantastic as i don't get to update it as much as i would like.

so here is award number 1.

It makes me all warm inside to think i make other people smile!!!
so i now need to pass this onto 5 people who's blog's make me smile,
but this is the bit i find the hardest 1 oz all the people i would choose i know have already had the award and 2 there are so many blogs out there so i award this award to all the blog's i visit on a daily basis and all the blogs i am yet to discover!! ( hope i am aloud to do that!!!)
Award 2.

Well this one is just lovely
This award is meant, according to Bella, to be given to those that, like Renee, are like "the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns…".
so again i find it so hard to choose but i am awarding this to a few very inspirational Lady's it that i have become great Friends with and long may it last (stop being so soppy)
Maria , Lynne and Michelle (not that she has her blog up yet!!!)
oh and my 3rd award was one at work i got a star award for doing work for someone else the bonus with that one is it is a cash award in my pay packet woohoo i am sure i can find some stamps to buy!!!!
well i am hoping to be back tomorrow with some actual cards i have made till then
keep crafting

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Lynne-d-lou said...

Hi Lynsay
Thank you so much for that. I do feel that we have become true friends, and isn't it wonderful to think that it was all through our love of crafting. Look forward to seeing you next week, along with our partners in crime - Maria and Michelle of course!!!
Lol Lynne. XXX