Saturday, 21 February 2009


The other day i was awarded 2 awards by Lynne another party craft demonstrator but most of all i would consider her a very good Friend we met through Parti Craft but have become great Friends.

So to the Awards:

The 'Measure Up' award decrees:- 'Say one nice thing to the man in your life'

Well that's easy Barry you are the greatest thing in my life other than our 2 beautiful boys and i will love you always.

and to List at least 6 ways you measure your success in your life. now this is the hard bit!!!

1. Having the most amazing partner
2. Having 2 extremely beautiful and happy son's
3. our lovely home
4. My Joy and love of Crafting
5. A great Family and Friends
6. Hopes and dreams for the future.

That's all at the moment i have 1st Birthday party to prepare for.

Keep Crafting

Lol Lynsay


Lynne-d-lou said...

Oh Lynsay. That is lovely. I consider you a very good friend too, and am so glad we met. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Ring me when you get a chance so we can arrange a meet up.
Love Lynne. XXX

Lynne-d-lou said...

Hey Lynsay. What a lovely photo of you as bridesmaid.
Love Lynne. X

Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

Wow Lynsay - don't you look stunning in your photo you've now put up!!!

Hope your son had a lovely first birthday.

Hope we can meet up again real soon.

lol Maria x