Thursday, 22 January 2009

Well Happy New year to you all, there is no excuse but have what it seems no time for anything all i seem to do is work lately and don't have much time to get creative, i have made a set of wedding invites in the time i have been in my craft room and will post some pictures soon.
as i am just about to start some more for my best friend who is getting married in august in Cyprus ( not only do i get to go to Cyprus i am bridesmaid too!! soooo excited) i am also bridesmaid on 14Th February that's who the other set of invites were for. see too busy to craft that's not a good thing i like nothing more than being in my craft room making things, but i have made a new year resolution that i will make a hand made card for everyone this year and not buy any yes i do buy card even though i can make them!!! but at the moment the new years resolution is still going and here is a photo of a card i made for my mum it was here birthday on 20Th January
so i will be back soon so keep crafting xx

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Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

WOW!!!! - You're back - where have you been???!!! and Double WOW for the new look you've given your blog - it looks really great, you'll have to tell me how you got it to fill the center of your blog as I still have the old brown on mine and am a bit skepyic to fiddle about too much with setting without fear of loosing the whole blog!!!

Anyway, really great to know you're still around - will you be at HQ on the 7th?? - hope so

love the card you did for your Mum - so cute

Keep in touch - my email is also on blog!

lol Maria x