Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Obsession Begins

I went to the first Particraft work shop yesterday and wow what a day i learnt new techniques, caught up with old friends and made new friends and had a great laugh as well.
some times i think the meeting new people is one of the best things in crafting everyone is so nice and to put a face to other Partircraft demonstrators is great too!

so back to the work shop we made a fantastic Junkits Album as you can see i did alright but we did have a good teacher i had always wondered how the ring spine was removed with out bending it out of shape and that was the first ting we did. so this is were the obsession has begun after my success with my junkits album i wanted to do more on my way home from the workshop i popped into Tesco and they have some good note pads just ready to be transformed.

so here is one i did today!! its actually for my dad part of his Christmas box it is a sketch book as he draws. (lets hope he don't decide to have a look at my blog) i was really please with the out come (hope he likes it). i now have 4 more to do.


Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

It was a great day indeed!!... it was really good to see you again and I do look forward to meeting up at Ally Pally and having a bit more of a 'chinwag'.......
This album thing...... very addictive, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has raided the shops for ring spine books just crying out to be altered!! - I was at the 99p shop today and found some 8"x8" ones there were 4 left (they're MINE!.
Love the one you've just done and I'm sure your dad will love it too! - I haven't had time to do anything with mine YET! - I waved my son off with his grandad on the start of his holiday - I'm 'kid free' now, you'd think I should be making the most of the next four days, but I feel miserable and lost and wished I'd gone too!...
Anyway have fun with your albums, keep us posted, I will be quiet for a while as you know I'm away soon too and have packing and a few things to sort out before I go, so if you don't hear from me - I'm just having a break! lol Maria x

triciaquarius said...

That's great Lynsay. You sure are a fast mover. Cant wait to see the next 4. Keep up the good work.
Tricia x

Lynne-d-lou said...

I certainly did miss a lot of fun I can see. They look great. So--- How's it done then?! Really wish I could have been there, not only for the crafting ,but also to meet other demonstrators. And of course, I still havn't met Traci! Must arrange to meet up at Ally Pally. Lol. Lynne. X Oh, by the way--- Good Luck tomorrow.

Traci at PartiCraft said...

That is fab and would you believe I too bought the Tesco notepads today!!! and umm about 8 of the water colour pencil tubes - cannot wait to make the stocking fillers LOL

Clare said...

Blimey Lynsay you are quick off the mark!!
What a fab book you have made for your dad - he will be chuffed to bits!
Bought a couple of pencil tubes yesterday so hoping to have a play later.

Becki and Alan said...

Hi Lynsay! It was great to meet you on Saturday, and I love the sketchbook you've done for your Dad - he'll be thrilled to bits with it. Just looked for the pencils on but they don't seem to have them online. Please don't everyone buy them all before we get there.....!

Becki and Alan